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In an increasingly complex and interconnected world comprised of stakeholders with high expectations, we help organizations evolve, promote and protect their corporate reputations and build trusted relationships that deliver value to their business.
Amid the growing influence of social media and digitized information, rapidly expanding public expectations, and private regulation driven by cause-oriented groups, we help organizations and individuals protect their reputations through effective crisis preparation and management.
As leading brands and corporations transform how they operate, shaping consumer engagement and smart public policy in a complex global environment, we help them unleash the power of business plus purpose to create commercial success and social impact.
We help our clients navigate their institutional relationships, engage constructively in policy discussions and build meaningful public/ private partnerships that enable the successful achievement of their business objectives.
We help our clients navigate their institutional relationships and engage constructively with our creative team that provides support on our digital campaigns as well as producing ATL and BTL materials.
We understand social media planning is a marathon and not a sprint, we therefore help brands set goals that are attainable by making sure our plans address their challenges. For instance increase their fanbase, improve ROI or set a pulse in the industry by analyzing what competitors are doing that seems to be working.
As community managers, we are a jack of all trades. We strive to be knowledgeable about our clients’ brands and their product or service, as well as all the people that make up their community. We learn to know how to best interact on every social network, create interesting and engaging content, and how to benchmark and measure these efforts quantitatively and qualitatively.
With increased competition and ever-changing algorithms that reward brands that get a ton of engagement, the ability to feed our audience with content is more important than ever. We spend lots of hours on R&D to develop content that resonate with our audiences under these three pillars i.e. 65% originally created content 25% curated content 10% syndicated content.
We manage clients’ digital content & marketing efforts with flexible analytics dashboards and benchmarks. We use netizens behavior and activity over time to inform and develop a targeted content plans across clients’ digital portfolio.

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