Implementing regional awareness tech campaign and increase uptake of Visa services (October 2005 to 2018) we won the competitive pitch and brought Visa back on board in February 2020.

Project Description:

We began working with Visa in 2005 and we are extremely proud of our 13 year relationship with the  brand. Visa brought us on board so they could create a strong presence in not only Kenya but across  the East African market and we have worked very hard to build and strengthen the awareness and  reputation of Visa over the years in this market.


We developed communication strategies and plans that shaped Visa as the best tech solution for  payments in East Africa. We launched the Kenyan office, managed product launches and partnerships  and executed Card Security and Financial Literacy Campaigns. We also launched mVisa, a QR code-  bade new mobile- payment service intended to accelerate digital commerce across Africa.

We have been creating content for Visa since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic positioning the  brand as a safer option for cashless payments. We managed the brand’s integrated communication and  marketing campaigns including Safe Is Smart, meant to encourage the use of digital payments. We also  coordinated the launch of Visa Foundation’s US$210 million fund to support small and micro businesses  affected by the pandemic.


The launch of mVisa was awarded the overall Best PR Campaign award in the 2016 Public Relations  Society of Kenya (PRSK) Awards. Over a period of five years (2014 – 2018) we generated media  coverage worth over USD $695,000. From February 2020 – July 2020 we have generated 118 media hits  valued at USD $118,826.

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  • Duration: 2005 - Ongoing
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