Relaunch, cement and increase Bolt market share in Kenya (August 2018 to date)

Project Description:

We began working with Taxify in August 2018 – initially we worked in increasing the profile and  awareness of the brand to match its key competitor – UBER.

Later in 2019 we were asked by Taxify to help the cab ailing app rebrand to Bolt. The key objective  was to entrench the new brand name with current customers while creating a base for new  customers. A further objective was to manage a misconception held by some drivers that bolt was a  Nigerian company.


We targeted key markets with local launches creating key messaging and visuals. We reached out to  local influencers who shared Bolt’s key rebrand messaging with customers on radio and announced  a campaign of a free first ride to first time app users. We also created messaging targeted at drivers  asking them to sign up to the new brand.

We’ve also managed to tell Bolt’s stories highlighting the brand initiatives during COVID-19 pandemic  keeping the drumbeat alive and ensuring the media and the public is aware of our continued  business operations.


By telling Bolt’s story in Kenya, the company is now seen a global player in the e-hailing taxi industry within  the Kenyan market. From August 2018 – July 2020 we have generated media coverage valued at USD $2,670,000 in all Tier one media outlets in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, with some stories being picked  up by global publications.



  • Duration: 2018 - 2020
  • Client: Bolt
  • Copyright: All rights reserved